The Browser War: Beware Google Chrome is Coming

The search giants have now started to realize the power of web browsers. Everyone knows about the BIG G’s inclination for Firefox. Though Mozilla Foundation is non-profit group but Google donates millions of dollars for R&D; in Firefox. It has also recently extended its search agreement with Google that was going to be expired after 2 months. The deal has renewed for the second time after its first renewal in 2006. Mozilla-Google shares a three 3 years deal, according to which Google pays $57 million to Mozilla for setting Google as the default search engine on Firefox. The wholesome amount is subjected to be 85% of the Mozilla‚Äôs total revenue. The agreement was first expired in 2006, but was extended to 2008 and now it will last till 2011. But the organization claims to be open source that is not related to Google in any way.

Realizing the potential of search revenue, Yahoo too has started promoting yahoo search in Firefox. Look at these picture where yahoo says to select yahoo from search dropdown box in Firefox.

promoting yahoo search in firefox

recommending yahoo search in firefox

Eventually, there is yahoo version for Firefox.You can also get Yahoo toolbar from here.

yahoo firefox start homepage

So whats next in browser combat? Google too have announced their browser Google Chrome to be available soon. Even the have made a comic book for its promotion. You can download new Google browser from here.

The Internet Explorer 8 is about to be released. Though you can get beta from here. The new privacy feature of IE8, called InPrivate, can be the nightmare of any ad server. Google Chrome has similar feature Incognito but they probably allow adsense to run free. Google has worked hard for Chrome in terms of speed, stability, security and user interface. Lets see if Google can take down Microsoft with its browser.

But wait a minute, what about Firefox? the Google agreement? the Opera? and what does the web community really needs?

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