Solve a Puzzle Game Each Day with Google

A Google A Day Puzzle

A Google A Day is an interesting site which asks users to find puzzle answers with the help of Google. Its an addictive game to test your knowledge and Google searching capabilities.

A Google A Day Puzzle

Each day, the Google team will ask a question based on varied topics and you will have to find the answer from the Google search engine with little hints given in the puzzle.

To make sure that the answers from each day don’t appear while searching, Google Engineers came up with ‘Deja Google’.
According to the site –

Deja Google is a wormhole inspired time machine that searches the Internet as it existed before the game began. Because nobody wants someone’s recent blog post about finding an answer spoiling their fun.

GOS blog reports that “A Google A Day” might be created to attract more users and to increase market share like the Microsoft Bings attempt of Club Bing. However I feel as there are no awards, Google’s intention behind this witty and clever game is to demonstrate the power of Google engine. In other words, to show what Google can do apart from normal day to day searches.

Play this puzzle game here.

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Excellent resource to improve one’s searching skills. I am surely going to try & inform my subscribers too.

Thanks for sharing.


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