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Google has recently launched a new social service called Schemer which lets you share your schemes, or activities such as visiting a museum or learning how to dance, to people in your Google+ circles or general public. It might is very similar to FourSquare or Twitter in apprearance, however it is very different in a sense that it is inspiration and recommendation engine. It also allows you to discover new schemes from other users or schemes that you have in common with them.

Google Schemer Snapshot

Newcomers are greeted with the option to join the waitlist as Schemer is an invite-only service and only in the U.S. Once invited, users of Schemer will see that it is heavily integrated into Google+ as it recommends schemes from your circles as well as use your G+ profile to keep track of all the ones you want to do or have done already. It also allows you to search for schemes when you are looking for something to do or want to see what people are scheming in a particular location. These search results are curated based on categories and the people you have circled on G+.

When you choose a scheme, you have the option to indicate whether you want to do it, have done it already, and if you want to do it again or have done it again. You can also create new schemes and inspire others to partake in them by using the “heads up” button. You can comment on schemes to share your interest of it with others.

The profile section on Schemer displays an overview of the schemes associated with each user. There are also profiles from “accomplices” such as Lifehacker, Food Network, and Entertainment Weekly who Google has partnered with to recommend schemes for users.

For those of you who want to find schemes on the go, the team behind Schemer has just released an Android app with an iPhone app along the way to make finding schemes in nearby locations easier.

To know more, take a look at Schemer now to see what types of schemes you can do or have done. Also, download the Android app from the market today. For those of you who have not been invited or are still waiting, follow this forum thread on Gtricks Forum to get personalized invite.

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