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Like many of us, you too must have saved a lot of content available on the web for later. A long list of unorganized bookmarks and saved links on software like Google Pocket has become a part of our life by now. Recently while I was going through web services offered by Google, I encountered the Save to Google extension which we all have been waiting for long.

What is Save to Google:

Save to Google is a new feature in a long list of highly functional, well-designed services offered by Google. It basically lets you save the content available on web pages by just a click. The content is saved on Google’s cloud so you don’t have to worry about your storage space.
save to google:save your favourite webpages     save to google:organise your saves

save to google:easily access your saved webpages and images

How to use Save to Google:

It is pretty simple to use. You have to go to Chrome Web Store and download the ‘Save to Google’ extension. A new icon appears on your chrome toolbar. Click the icon while visiting a web page you wish to save. Your saved web page can be accessed by visiting

Save to Google also enables you to save images during Google image search. Just tap on the image and click on save icon that appears henceforth. Images can be saved without the chrome extension but not the web pages.

Why Save to Google:

Google save enables you to save content on cloud accessible through your Gmail id on any web browser. Bookmarks can only be accessed on your own web browser.

Another added feature to include tags along with the web page makes it easier to remember the web page specifications.

Save to Google vs. Google Pocket:

Save to Google offers you a very simple user interface with minimal modification features. The web page or the image link is displayed with a brief description and your personalized tag. Use same tag multiple times.

Google Pocket is a vast application which not only saves your online content but syncs it with your phone, tablet or computer for offline view. For a bigger work load, it may be more convenient to use Google Pocket but as a day to day ‘read it later’ application, Save to Google does its job quite brilliantly.


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