Google’s Save Extension Lets You Save WebPages With Images

Save extension in action

The recent launch of Google Save on desktop was to let you collect images found in search results. However, the recently launched Save extension lets you bookmark and tag webpages too.

To use the feature, first, install the extension from the official chrome webstore. You will notice a yellow bright star icon next to address bar. That’s the action center to bookmark page and apply tags.

Save extension in action

It could get little confusing because of its functionality. Just like you click on bookmark star to bookmark a page, a click on extension star will save the page without tags but with a thumbnail of most prominent image or the first character from the page title.

Now that the page is already saved and the little popup is only of taking additional actions. You can add tags, change the thumbnail and delete it the bookmark.

Strangely, Google calls it saving pages but in reality, they are only bookmarking the URL, title, and associated image. So in future, if the page gets deleted from the site, your saved version will be of no use. From the extension page, they quote –

Easily save interesting webpages to Google with the new Save to Google extension.

Though the concept sounds great on paper, I am disappointed with the way Google implemented it. Similar icon as the native bookmark and added complexity between choosing bookmarks that can sync and Save extension – as they both solves the same problem.

Chrome Bookmarks vs Save Extension

Some of the users may not instantly use the Save site till we see global rollout, however they can start using the extension.

While the collecting images were seen as big competition to Pinterest, bookmarking pages with tags will make things difficult for Pocket, a popular read it later app.

Though Google released it very quietly, the aspiration to be a one-stop shop for all your read-it-later requirements is quite high.

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