Remove Sidebar Tabs and Header from iGoogle Homepage

If you understand screen real state*, then probably you realize the wastage of space iGoogle homepage does on screen. Inspite of getting variety of information on a single page, iGoogle layout has always annoyed us. The header and sidebar tabs consumes too much space and virtually of no use. Removing them would be such a pleasure.

Particularly, for low resolution monitors and netbook owners, who cannot view the entire iGoogle start page in a single window, sidebar is a big annoyance. Google should have made a setting to hide these for limited screen space users. In such situations, iGoogle tab remover addon comes handy.


iGoogle Tab Remover Addon removes sidebar navigation tabs and header image which blocks most of your screen. It will hide them completely so you can have more room to browse content. And whenever you want them back, just instruct this addon to do so from Tools > Disable iGoogle Tab remover from Firefox menu.

Along with removing sidebar, this addon will let to resize header image and hide/unhide the navigation tabs by simple click of mouse. You can download this add-on here.

* Screen real state : The portion of monitor space that is visible to user without scrolling down.

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Must try this out right away! thanks for the info bro! :D

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The only possible reason for Google NOT offering the option to collapse the sidebar is the hope that they will generate a few more ad-clicks by drawing the user’s eye away from the relevant search results. Pretty low for a company whose mission statement is all about the user experience.

    Jase, looks like a healthy discussion is going on at google groups. Each of us has different perspective. I couldn’t agree more than Thomas –

    “Google is neither a philanthropic nor a communist organisation. Making money is not evil.”

This is a Mozilla addon and it probably works great with Firefox but, what can be done to achieve the same results if you’re using Chrome? I use Stylish in Firefox and it takes out both the search frame and the sidebar.
I have several Blogger pages up and have recently found that none of the links for comments, editing and whatnot will work in Firefox anymore.
I like the iGoogle homepage because I can set up a lot of things to my preference EXCEPT the stupid, HUGE Google search bar and useless sidebar.
Stylish claims to have a version for Chrome which allows one to install user scripts to modify the iGoogle page. The one for Firefox works great but I can’t get the same results from the one for Chrome.
I’m about ready to give up on Google altogether. I think I may go back to Firefox and delete all my Blogger sites and switch over to WordPress for my blogs.

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