Remove Google Fade-in Effect or Flash Animation with GoogleSlim

Google homepage with and without fade-in effects

Google’s charismatic fade-in effect or flash animation in its homepage is not received very well among various users. With this effect, whenever you open Google, only the logo, search box and buttons are shown until you move mouse. As soon as there is movement in mouse cursor, other options “fade-in” creating a nice visual effect but it fills the page with too many links.

To restore the clean and minimalistic theme of Google, you can use addons or scripts but unfortunately, they only work in Firefox. For Internet explorer or Chrome, there is no workaround to get rid of this effect. In such situations, GoogleSlim comes to rescue.

GoogleSlim lets you do the same search as in Google but without any animation or effects. Google does not affiliate it but there is no difference in search quality as it only provides a layer over the search engine keeping the same results. There are no excessive ads and it does not compromise search results.

Google homepage with and without fade-in effects

Google Homepage With and Without Fade-In

So, if you want to get rid of fade-in effect, use GoogleSlim. And yes it works in all browsers saving you trouble in installing Firefox addons or userscripts.

Interesting fact : It is believed that the early versions of Google home page was so plain that people use to sit blank for minutes thinking it’s still loading. To overcome this, a copyright message was then inserted to hint completion of page. The bare nature of Google’s home page is due to the fact that its founders didn’t knew HTML. Enjoy some more interesting facts here.

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This is new to me and thanks for sharing. The search page is quite fast and I think it is very useful for dial up users.

You need to get rid of the fade-in

Nice information. Thanks for sharing.

Good info abhishek….keep it up …

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