Project Glass by Google – Realities & Perspectives

For what it takes, Google has always been at the top with its progressive technologies and innovations. Well, the time has come now for the company developers to introduce something really unique and ambitious – and they, actually, have already done that, having presented the fresh Project Glass, aimed at changing the whole vision of mobile interactive technologies.

For those, who haven’t yet had a chance to check the impressive promo-video, Google’s Project Glass has been officially introduced with a creative and promising idea in its essence – making the technology work for a person; at least this is how it’s stated.

The core of Project Glass sounds ingenious: it presupposes the creation of the special monocle, presumably connected to one’s smartphone, which will enable to use all the most important functionality, e.g. Google apps, camera, video calls, browsing one’s Google+ account. What is also peculiar is that all required and acquired information is displayed in the virtual screen projected in front of the user’s eyes.

Of course, the skeptics have already uttered their attitude to Project Glass, saying that the released promo-video runs far ahead of the actual state of things in the development of such monocle. Of course, they are right to some extent. Obviously, the creation of such innovative gadgetry takes far more, than a few hours, and many months will pass till the average users can try the monocle itself and check the vast opportunities at their disposal.

At the same time, none of the most skeptical analysts really disputes the importance of Project Glass to the IT industry. The amount of possibilities the realization of this project can open to the world is, undoubtedly, incredible, like the further speed up in development of fresh future startups in the niche, related to augmented reality, for instance.

From average users’ perspective, Project Glass may also be called truly miraculous. To start with, the monocle itself would be both convenient and exciting to use. Moreover, its creation would, perhaps, boost the development of similar, but more upgraded monocles and glasses in future, which would enable us to manage all applications and online accounts, e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, or 4shared, in seconds.

Nonetheless, now only the predictions can be made, whether Project Glass will result in an innovative creation, or not. Well, let’s wait.

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