Problem with Google Search Box Size And Buttons In Internet Explorer 8

It seems that there is some problem with internet explorer and google search results display. Sometimes the search box becomes so small that you can’t even see what you have typed.

Another common problem is with the text on the right side buttons which become too small to read. It is difficult to use Google on Internet Explorer 8 whereas everything else works fine. The problem is not with Google but with IE8 which tries to enhance user experience by explicitly implementing Vista Style on buttons and text boxes. Following are the three solutions for having trouble in viewing correct Google result page. Any one of them will solve your problem.

How to make Google search box size larger or buttons text visible in IE

  • Click on Tools at top menu bar (or press Alt+T) . Open Internet Options box. Below Advance tab, Browsing section uncheck the box that says “Enable visual style”. OR
  • Use the Compatibility view Button on the right side of address bar.[learn more]. OR
  • Open Notepad and type this

    INPUT {
    font-size: 10pt;

    Save it as “ie8.css” file type: All. Then Go to Internet Options > General tab > Accessibility button. Select Format documents using my style sheet and choose the ie8.css file

Let us hope that Microsoft will fix this problem. Till then we have to struck with windows 98 style buttons for our favourite search engine.

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Thanks for the tip! Turned off visual style and it worked like a charm

Thank you for your answer I didnt want to turn off the visual styles & the compatibility one didn’t work but the notepad worked like a charm and I still have the visual gave 3 different ways to fix the problem when all Microsoft gave was the compatibility that didn’t work so thank you very much
this problem was driving me nuts

I now have the new google toolbar and IE8. NONE of my custom buttons are active. I click on them and a completely blank window appears about 2×2.

Facebook, myspace, watch online tv,, google maps,& craigslist

they are all blank

This is the same as last year when I gave up and removed the google toolbar. Why have it if none of the buttons work?

this worked perfect! thanks

@Frohock: Glad to know that this article helped.

@Bonnie: Try installing new Google toolbar on IE8 and not the other way round that is just upgrading internet explorer 7 to 8 with same version of Google toolbar.

Thank you very much for the useful link that helps to get my problem fix. I’ve been searching and asking everyone for help. It was very frustrating to see the small tiny search box that I can’t read any words that I’ve type.

May god bless you and keep up your excellent work!


Thank you soo much for the tip. I have been trying to figure out why all my search boxes and buttons were so small on IE for a while now. I just gave up using it, but I needed it for my online classes that don’t accept any other browser. Thanks!

Thanks for your advise,this was the reason why I dont use IE anymore,anyway I still loving firefox,but once on a while ill be using IE just like before
PS: I use the first metodot

In IE8 typing anything in the search box (upper right) causes it to shut down. Changed search engines, removed and reinstalled, did AVG scan, was on one machine now on both. Anyone what is causing this and how to fix it?

Thanks this was very helpful, it fixed my problem.

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