Google’s Primer App to Learn Digital Marketing

Google has always backed startup entrepreneurs/businesses to aim and achieve big. From organizing events like Google Launchpad to providing massive benefits to developers in Google Cloud Platform, Google is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. Initiatives like Google for Entrepreneurs aims to bring together startup communities and create spaces for entrepreneurs to learn and work. This strategy has helped several startups succeed and scale their business.

Though they support budding businesses that use Google tools, Google had nothing for small business person that either may not have enough knowledge or enough awareness about Google’s business tools. Google’s Primer app is first step in this direction that helps users learn digital marketing, content strategy and search engine marketing in a very simple and effective way.

What will you get from Primer?

Google Primer provides interactive guides to learn marketing skills at your convenience. Within a break of five minutes, you can take a tutorial on different marketing lessons and learn new business skills. This app also answers many frequently asked questions and various tips to educate the users. Let’s look at the features what the app has got in it-

1. Five minutes short lessons

5 min marketing

Google Primer offers ‘bite-sized’ lessons on different topics which can be completed in short time. You can utilize your short breaks like waiting to book a ticket or standing in a queue to learn something new. The lessons are made in an interactive form of questions and answers with cartoons.

2. Interactive and Engaging Interface

Google Primer Cards

The user interface of Google Primer stands out from other apps. Each lesson you choose to study appears in cards. You have to shuffle through cards to read on. When you open your app, the homepage contains a list of featured lessons for the week. Simply select a topic and tap once on the screen to move on to next card. If you leave the lesson in midway, you will find yourselves in the same card after you come back again.

3. Categories to learn different skills

Google Primer Categories

The lessons in Google Primer are sorted under four categories- Advertising, Content, Measurement, and Strategy. All the topics fall under any of these categories so you can go and master the skill you desire. This feature comes quite handy especially while you are surfing through the categories in the featured list.

4. Quizes and Tests

Google Primer Activities

You can test what you have learned with interactive activities. While reading a lesson, you will come across an activity in the middle. You have to complete the activity in order to progress further. Each lesson ends with personalized next steps which will help you to get a customized ideas for your startup.

5.New lessons every week

Google Primer Queue

Google says that it will update the Primer app with new topics every week. New lessons will be added to the categories and the best ones will be there on the featured list. You can even add lessons to queue to complete it afterward.

The app suits perfectly for people who don’t find time to look upon the internet or read through those fat marketing skills books. You get to learn a skill within five minutes and sharpen your brain with new ideas. I recommend the app is a must have guide if you are related to Digital domain. Download Primer app for Android and iOS .

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