OneTab Chrome extension: Boost-up your surfing speed & make work clutter free

Multitasking is a term with variable meanings in different contexts. Most of us do multitasking in some form or the other. Be it your smartphone interface, multiple instances in your PC open simultaneously, or the multiple tabs that you have currently open in your web browser window. Whether it’s your watch list running on YouTube while you do your projects, or the extensive research work that your job demands. You often end up opening twenty odd tabs, and having no clue what to do with them! Here is the perfect answer to this common problem: OneTab.


OneTab Window

What is OneTab?

OneTab is an intelligent and free extension that is available for Chrome and Firefox as of now. OneTab closes all your active tabs and frees up to 95% of the acquired memory and helps to make your browser run faster and smoother. Another way to look at it is that it diminishes all the tabs, and you can restore the ones which are actually of use. This way your memory and data will be focussed on the tabs you are currently working with and will give you speed and efficiency.

How does it work?

OneTab plugin basically closes all your tabs and merges them into one single web page. This web page contains all the URL links of the active tabs. From this list, you can restore individual tabs or even all the tabs.


To trigger OneTab on Chrome, you have to click on the OneTab icon in the menu bar. And consequently, all your tabs condense into one neat list.


What else can you use it for?

Suppose you are to buy a car hence, you have had an extended research into various car models from various manufacturers. And hence you have a pile of tabs opened up. Now, you ask your dad for a car you chose. And he, like every other dad, will ask you to show him your research in support of your demand. Your conventional instinct would be to click on each tab, copy the URL, paste it in a mail, and send it to your dad.

But OneTab is here to save you from any effort of that sort. It will allow you to just condense all the tabs in a list, and click on ‘share as a web page’ link. You will get another URL and a QR which you can use to access the tabs, which were open on your window! Amazing, isn’t it?

The 10 Tab Rule

There is a huge community of people who are beginners at Coding. They often look for tips and tricks on how to boost their programming skills. The “10 Tab Rule” is a simple process that can solve almost every problem you’ll encounter as a programmer. What’s the rule?

When problems arise, articulate the problem in a well-thought-out search query, search it using Google (or another popular search engine), and open each of the top 10 results in new tabs. Read or skim each of the tabs, then return to your code.

This simple routine– which will take roughly 10 to 15 minutes– will help you solve almost all of your problems as a developer. The difference between experienced and inexperienced developers is this: experienced developers immediately acknowledge what they don’t know and set out to find the answers, while inexperienced developers often times don’t have the knowledge nor the humility to begin looking for answers.

(Courtesy: For further Read:

Named tabs group

You can name a group of tabs to your convenience too. Just click on the number of tabs, as shown in the picture below.



These named groups can also be accessed later, for addition of new tabs as per your requirements.

6           7

This is something that you can use to create different tab groups for your different workspace. Just boot up your system, click on the tab group, and lo! All the tabs relating to the particular task you need to do are up and running in a single click!

WHY CHOOSE OneTab? When you can use Bookmarks!

OneTab vs. Bookmarks is a close contest, which is won by OneTab for the current functionalities of Bookmarks. Why OneTab?

  • OneTab is very quick – just one click, and all the tabs get themselves arranged in a list.
  • It has features to make it easier to scan, delete, label and manage your list of saved tabs.
  • It also enables you to remove duplicates, import/export tabs, shuffle tabs between lists, share the lists of webpages, etc.

How can you get OneTab?

Just visit  and click on ‘Add OneTab Now!’.  The plugin/extension will be installed in a matter of seconds, and you will be good to go with it!


In conclusion, if you are an extensive web surfer, this is the perfect extension for you to use!

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