Music, Social and Images Search Redefined by Google

Last week, Google has added new functionalities to make music, social and image search easier for users. They have added these changes to their core search functionality, so that it would be available to all the users by default.

Search for a Band, Singer, Song Name Directly
Google music [image by Google blog]
With the new Music Search feature, you can directly search for band, singer, song name or album title in the search box and Google will recognize it automatically and return relevant searches. One of the best feature of musical search is that, you can play your searched song within Google search and that too without spending a penny. Google has also made a special page to discover music faster and easier here.

Know What Your Friends are Looking For on Web

Social Search is an experimental feature from Google which lets you view relevant and suggested results for your queries. The results include blogs, photo albums, web pages and reviews that Google find related to you and your social life. Google will try to compute your social life based on your Gmail contacts, twitter and freindfeed profiles. To activate this feature, you need to go to “Google Experimental” and select “Social Search Experiment”.

Image Search Revolutionised by Searching for Similar Pics

The most useful feature that Google added last week was Similar Images on Images Search. With this feature, you can directly click on similar images link below image to find relevant and analogous image. The idea is to reduce the dependence of keywords on image search.

For example, for a peacock search, you would find various peacock pics but if a white peacock interests you then clicking on “Find similar images” below white-collared peacock will show you various pics of the same. Try out here.

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