Google Movie Search with Geolocation

google movie search

This one is an old trick, but for those who didn’t knew – You can find latest movies playing in your city with Google Movie Search. But now with technological advances, you can directly find current playing movies with

Trick: Google blog suggests that we can directly find movie timings by entering movie and city/Zip in search box. This is an onebox feature, which shows showtimes, link to trailer, as well as reviews.

However, when you search for only showtimes or movies, Google displays Now Playing movies from your locality as the first result. That’s geolocation benefits from Google for you.

For your information, Geolocation is a technique to determine user’s current geographic location by IP address or other means. (more). This worked for me, but probably you have to enter your location for the first time.

google movie search

The movie search is very useful when you have to find film shows or their timings in your city. The results include movie names, theaters in which it is playing, timing of shows and the movie ratings. You can even find show timings for 2 days in advance.

If you click on the Theaters from left hand sidebar, you can find all the theaters in the city and even maps showing where they are located. However, this information is not always accurate.

On clicking Movies from left hand sidebar, you can find all movies playing. And a new section of genres opens in right sidebar, from where you can filter your search.

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Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully it will help me on weekends ;)

great job dudeeeeeeeee

nice post

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