Google’s Most Popular Search Terms in 2011 – The Zeitgeist Data

Are you interested in knowing what grabbed world’s attention in 2011? What were the most popular search terms in 2011? Which celebrity or about which movie people wanted to know more? What did the world cared about this year? Google is ready with all these answers in into annual Zeitgeist 2011 data.

There are more than 1 billion searches each day on Google of which 20% are new terms for the day [source]. Analysing this search data, each year Google comes up with Zeitgeist, meaning the spirit of the times which is aggregation of millions of queries Google receives each day. Here is a beautiful and emotional video “We Made it” presenting the summary of the entire released list.

In comparison to other years, this year zeitgeist site is more interactive and aesthetic with CSS3 and HTML5. Even the fastest rising list is more surprising than ever. Rebecca Black with her awful song Friday makes to the top, followed by the most promoted product of the year, the Google Plus. Majority of the list is hijacked by American individuals and only Japanese nuclear plant accident made it to 8th number. Not to surprisingly, 3 spots where captured by Apple and Google secured only one. Some other important snapshots of the released data are:

#. Myspace is the worlds fasted falling search query. This is slightly anticipated because of the fact that Facebook has 800 million users and Google Plus is caching on.

#. Amazon Kindle Fire attracted more attention than iPhone 4S in fasted rising consumer electronics.

#. Facebook is fasted rising search in India leaving behind Cricket World cup 2011.

#. Anna Hazare followed by Poonam Pandey were the fasted rising people for India.

#. Katrina Kaif is still the most searched person from India after Anna Hazare.

#.. Bodyguard left behind Ra.One in Indian Bollywood film industry.

Interested in knowing more? Check out previous year zeitgeist data from here.

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