List of Official Google Blogs

Update: Google has released official list here.

Here is the list for most useful official Google blogs in English with their descriptions:

The Official Google Blog – Insights from Googlers into our products, technology and the Google culture.

AdWords Agency Blog – The latest from Adwords from you and your client.

AdWords Retail Tips – Adwords tips for the retailers

AdSense Blog – A look inside Google AdSense. With newbie, optimization, AdSense features, and more.

Adwords API Blog – The official source of information about the AdWords API from Google.

Adwords Blog – Google’s official blog for news, information, and tips on AdWords.

AJAX Search API Blog – At this Blog Google gives info about how to use the AJAX Search API.

Google Affiliate Network Blog – News, views and product information for Google affiliate network advertisers and publishers.

Analytics Blog – Here you can get the latest news, tips, and resources from the Google Analytics team.

Android Blog – Blog for developers working with Android, An Open Handset Alliance Project.

Base Blog – Get news, tips, and resources straight from the Google Base team.

Blogger Blog – The Official buzz from blogger.

Checkout Blog – The official Checkout Blog with news for sellers using Google Checkout.

Code Featured Projects – Blog about featured projects on Google Code.

Code Updates Blog – Read all about the latest Google Code updates at the Code Blog.

CPG Blog – News and notes from Google’s Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

Custom Search Blog – The latest news, updates and tips from the Custom Search Engine team.

Data APIs – Official Google Data APIs blog.

Desktop APIs – Your official source on the Google Desktop APIs.

Docs Blog – News and notes from the Google Docs team at the official Docs Blog.

Enterprise Blog – A blog about enterprise information, search, and the users that live there.

Feedburner Blog – The Official Feedburner blog of burning questions.

Finance Blog – News and views from the Google Finance team.

Gadgets API Blog – Intended for people who use the Google Gadgets API to write gadgets.

Gears API Blog – Keep up to date on Google Gear’s progress with Gears API Blog.

Gmail Blog – News, tips and tricks from Google’s Gmail team and friends.

Grants Blog – We started this Blog as a place to read about the latest Google Grants news and information

Let’s Take it Offline – The latest news form Google’s TV, Print and Audio Ads team

Lat Long Blog – News and notes by the Google Earth and Maps team.

Mac Blog – Macs inside Google. The official Google Mac Blog.

Maps API Blog – Official Google Maps API blog.

Mashup Editor Blog – The official source of information about the Google Mashup Editor.

Mobile Blog – News and views from the Google Mobile team.

News Blog – The official blog from the team at Google News.

Notebook Blog – At the Notebook Blogs you can read news and tips from the Notebook team.

Open Source Blog – Open source at Google with news about Google’s open source projects and programs.

OpenSocial API Blog – OpenSocial provides a set of APIs for social applications across multiple websites.

Orkut Blog – Your official guide to staying beautiful on Orkut.

Orkut Developer Blog – Learn about APIs, changes and events related to the Orkut developer platform.

Google Online Security Blog – The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the internet.

Picasa Blog – News, tips and tricks from the Picasa team at Google.

Public Policy Blog – Google’s view on government, policy and politics.

Reader Blog – News, tips and tricks from the Google Reader Team.

Research Blog – Google research blog where Googlers write about their public research.

Security Blog – The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the Internet.

SketchUp API Blog – All about the ins and outs of the SketchUp API.

SketchUp Blog – News and notes from the SketchUp folks.

Students Blog – Google news and updates especially for students

Talk About Blog – A blog about voice, IM and open communications with Google Talk.

Testing Blog – If it ain’t broke, you’re not trying hard enough.

Google Traditional Media Ads Blog – News form Google’s TV, Print and Audio Ads team.

Video Blog – Celebrating creative works from the many contributors to the Google Upload Program

Webmaster Central Blog – Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index.

Web Toolkit Blog – About the open source Java software development framework for AJAX applications.

Website Optimizer Blog – The most up-to-date product news, industry insights, and testing strategies.

YouTube API Blog – For developers using the YouTube API.

YouTube Blog – Official YouTube blog for latest features and happenings.

Ohfffffff ! I am tired. Tell me if you encounter with new ones.

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Really interesting and useful list. Thanks for sharing

Really interesting and useful list. Thanks for sharing

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