Let Google Suggests what you Search

Google has now officially launched ‘Google Suggest‘, a feature for search box that will suggest some relevant queries to you. The suggestions are based on popularity of terms and Zeitgeist data.You can call it a real time alternative of “Did you mean?” feature.

According to the Google blog, suggest feature will help you in following ways:

1) To reduce spelling mistakes
2) To save time and keystrokes
3) To help in formulating your search i.e. automatically make search queries for you.

Previously, this feature was only available in beta or as add-on in Google’s main page.The suggest feature, which started as 20% project rolled out to Google labs and was available for Firefox search box, Google toolbar, Youtube, iPhone and Blackberry.

Within few weeks, Google home page will be equipped with this powerful weapon. But is it really that powerful? For now, try this link to check out this cool feature.

Most SEO’s say that Google can now divert minds of users and can use this feature for self product marketing. You have something in your mind to search for. Will Google suggest make you reconsider? Have a look below for what I mean.

why youtube and not yahoo

You can have a look over here. Typing ‘Y’ suggests Youtube not Yahoo even though search results of Yahoo are higher than Youtube. Evil Google!

Here is the list for other suggestions alphabetically :

a = amazon
b = bebo
c = craigslist
d = dictionary
e = ebay
f = facebook
g = gmail
h = hotmail
i = ikea
j = john lewis
k = kelly blue book
l = limewire
m = myspace
n = nbc olympics
o = olympics
p = photobucket
q = quotes
r = runescape
s = sears
t = target
u = utube (misspelled youtube makes to the list)
v = verizon wireless
w = wikipedia (www.youtube.com was ninth on this list)
x = xbox (the other Microsoft product beside hotmail)
y = youtube (what about Yahoo!)
z = zip codes

Interestingly, Google rivals Yahoo and Live Search had this feature on their homepage for quite awhile. Until this feature is coming to you, try this old link.

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one thing this will surely affect is the traffic coming form long tail keywords

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