Know What Google Knows About You

From finding routes to our destination to answering our each and every question, Google is the bridge to access ‘n’ number of products that makes our life easy. On average, we use at least five Google products daily (that’s why we created this blog) which is enough to state that Google is our digital counterpart. Ever wondered, does Google gets to know something about you each time you access any Google product?

When we use Google products, Google saves our activity to help us find better search results for the next time when we are looking for something online. Google becomes more accurate by providing us what we want by doing so.

Find out things that Google knows about you:

Eager to know what all things Google knows about you? Maybe Google knows you better than your mother knows you.

1. Check your Google Dashboard to know how many Google products you use

Go to your account settings and click on “Dashboard” and find a list of all Google products and services you use. Know from which devices you access your account, the apps you install, your search history etc. You can manage the products and services you use here.

Google Dashboard

Also, you can get a monthly security and privacy report from Google by subscribing for monthly reminders of your account activities.

2. Google thinks a lot about you!

Know your interests

Google needs to serve you with relevant ads. Whenever you look for something online, Google saves the searches and serves you with similar kind of ads. Interestingly, Google creates a profile in which it saves your interests. Through your profile, Google can analyze the data and serve you with relevant ads. Click here to find your interests assumed by Google. You can also manage ads based on your interests.

3. Know where you were from your location history

This might be shocking for you, but Google apps save your location history were ever you go. Your android mobile sends Google your locations where you are traveling. Find out your locations history here.

Google location history

You can delete the history, but there is no option to delete the history of any specified time, say past day or month. You can switch off the Location settings and your device will stop reporting your location. However, if you want certain apps to still be able to pinpoint your location, you can’t do that.

4. Find out what you have searched till now

Google search history

Google saves every single search you made till date. Search insights graphs showing the amount of searches you made in a weekly basis can be seen here in your web history. Not only that, Google also saves the ads you have clicked upon.

5. Bust out the apps that access your Google data

Google app permission

You can find a list of all the apps and extension that use your Google data in the ‘permissions’ section in security. You will also get the devices that permit apps to access your data. Find out which apps consume how much of your data over here.

6. Watch the videos again through your YouTube history

Youtube history

Yes, YouTube also saves your video browsing history in your Google data. By doing so, YouTube can provide you with similar videos that you search for frequently in the homepage. Click here to find your YouTube history.

7. Control what others can see about you

Google About Me page

Google’s “About me” page will give you the access of what you want other users to see about your personal information. Other users come to know your information through the similar products you use. Open your ‘About Me’ page.

8. Download and save your data

Download your Google data

Google provides you with the option of downloading and keeping your data with yourself. Now you have a backup of your data with you. Click here to download a copy of your data.

Now you are having an idea of how much Google knows about you. Keeping track on you is a basic function of Google. From keeping your location history to maintaining your searches, Google does all these to help you serve better. With more accurate search results and getting you what you want, Google is always one step ahead.

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Google knows me even better than myself! No privacy today. I don’t like this, but it seems that as long as you continue to use all free services provided by Google, you must sacrifice you privacy

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