Infographic – Google’s Acquisitions in Past 11 Years

We are back again, with another infographic and this time it is about all the acquisitions Google has made in last 11 years. Google normally buys smaller companies [26 start-ups in 2010] to fulfil its never-ending hunger for talented engineers which are scarce in Silicon Valley. Being a cash rich and niche company Google cares less about the technology it acquires but more about the scientists and engineers behind the technology like recently it closed Slide, the social apps company that it bought last year for $200 million.

Infographics are always a great collection for facts. Here is some analysis from the chart:

#. The recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility for more than $12 Billion is the biggest not only for Google but also for the tech companies. It shocked everyone and it is thought as a strategic move against Oracle/Apple in the mobile petition space.

#.Last year Google went on a buying spree and acquired 26 companies. It is little more than it acquired in 3 years total. Probably Google has plans to set up bigger empire and capture more and more online space.

#.Out of total 102 companies acquired, 74 are from US and rest 28 from other parts of the world. Majority of them are from European nations and none from India. Do I need to say more about brain drain?

The credit goes to Antonio Lupetti of woorkup.

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