Google India Product Shopping Tool for Finding Latest Prices

Google India has come up with a new shopping tool, which finds the best deals and latest prices for Indian consumer products. This can be looked and Indian version of unpopular Google Product Search Engine.

This tool will search 30,000+ Indian internet sites before presenting you the required information. Typically, it will show price, images and brief description about the searched product. It’s difficult to understand the ranking of products. Probably, products are listed on basis of site authority and freshness that means this tool can be used to find lowest and latest price.


How to Find Latest Prices from Google Shopping Tool
*Note: This tool works only for Google India.

Step 1: Type any electronic, consumer or household product name. More specific you are, the better are the results.
Step 2: Go to ‘Show Options’ and select ‘Shopping’ from results section.
Step 3: To find latest price of product, include brand name along with device name. For example Nokia N97.
Step 4: To find products between specific price range, enter the INR amount in ‘From’ and ‘To’ Boxes.

5 Advantages of this Shopping Tool :
– To find latest price.
– To get price comparisons between different sellers or sites.
– For superficial description and comparisons between different brands.
– To find suitable items within a definite price range.
– And use it as the starting point of your shopping research.

So, whenever in doubt or just wanted to enquire the fresh and latest price, head over to this amazing tool. And its pretty good for basic shopping research too.

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hey how to use it????? its not showing in…
its showing in… problem is that its showing problem in dollars!!!!

oops ya its working sorry…

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