How To Stop Search From Displaying Results Of Specific Country Only

Sometimes, results from Google are inclined for a country. And sometimes you wish that your results are from the websites of the specific location for example only UK. Following tricks will remove Google Geo-targeting results based on specific countries.

One important point to note that Google returns search results based on query or keywords and best fitted answers. There is nothing like returning results only from UK and not from USA although Google may use your country servers to serve you fast. Searched result websites may be different depending on your location.

For example: A search in Australia and in international domain return different results. Note that the results from Australian search mainly results websites from Australian domain whereas international search displayed results depending on your country. For me, results are from India and sponsored ads from Bangalore.

Change Google Search Displaying Results from Specific Country Or Websites

  • If you like search for websites from different country then either go to country specific Google like for NewZealand. Search For your country specific Google home by clicking flags here.
  • You can append country name after the search query for websites from specific location. For Example enter flowers India in search box.

Bookmark this link: . This will always show results from no matter where you are.

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I would like to add something:

Temporary I am in france and each time I search on Google chrome, I used to get results from Thats french local google.

I solved it by going to, clicking on english and then closed chorme.
After 10 seconds I restarted it and wow, it starts fetching results from in english.

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