3 Ways To Search For Twitter Updates On Google

[Update: We have written an better article to search realtime with Google and Twitter together]

Real time tweets can be searched directly from Google. Even if you don’t use twitter, it could be very useful to you as tweeter tweets are often present the current scenario.

There are millions of tweets per day and most of them are retweets. These tools will take care of both retweets and Google search results.

1. Greasemonkey Script : Twitter Search Results on Google

It displays 5 recent tweets before Google results. Gives a very fresh look to page.

How to install:

1) You must have Firefox in order to use this. Get it from here.
2) Install Gresemonkey Firefox add-on.
3) Install Twitter Search Result On Google over Greasemonkey.

How to use Twitter Search Result On Google Script :

1) The script automatically fetches real time updates on Google search result page.

2) The twitter search results are shown in a block above Google results. There is no way to change the position of the twitter search results.

3) You can turn it off either by right-clicking geasemonkey icon and then un-checking the script.

2. Use Twoogle – Web Service

Twoogle gives real time tweets and Google search result on same page side by side.
Note that this service inserts ads before results, so click carefully.

3. Firefox Add-on : Power Twitter

Besides searching twitter, this add-on gives you more features then expected like url expansion, photo uploading, facebook status updates and more. Install from here.

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Nice tips got twiter. definatly googl enad tweeter combination will be more useful for social enthusiasts.

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