How To Set Criteria Or Limit The Google Search To Past date Or Year?

Sometimes for research purpose or for getting to the source of the news, it is necessary to categorize the search, based on time. By default there is no option to show particular results in between the dates.

The problem with search engines is the time when they have indexed the page. The event may have occurred long time back and website may have reported then only. But if search engine have discovered the page recently then it may not fall in right time frame. More ever search engines are not so intuitive to understand the query. ‘Five months back‘ or ‘in last year’ searches may not be understood clearly by Google or any other search engine.

Search Between Old Dates Or Between Different Time Frames

  • Use the Google Timeline option

1) Click on Show Options located at top blue bar after searching on results page.
2) There you will find options to search for yesterday, past week or past year.
3) Use the timeline option to search for results ranging for particular day, month or year.

  • Use the below customized query to search in-between different years. Replace KEYWORD by your query and FROM-YEAR and TO-YEAR with years like 1999 and 2009.,tlul:FROM-YEAR,tluh:TO-YEAR


  • Use Grokker, which searches Yahoo and Wikipedia content and has a date slider for search criteria.

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