How To Add Google Products In Your Website Or Blog

Google Web Elements allows you to add Presentations, News, Maps, Calendar and many more products into your website or blog by just copy/pasting the given code.

These products could be added very easily and offers wide advantage, like:

  • They can be customized according to needs.
  • Simple to copy and paste code in your website to make them work.
  • Since the product is fetched from Google servers, they perform quick actions.
  • You can even earn money by attaching adsense publisher id to custom search element.
  • Currently, following products are available to insert in any website or blog:
    • Calendar
    • Conversation
    • Custom Search
    • Maps
    • News
    • Presentations
    • Spreadsheets
    • YouTube News

How to add these elements into your website or blog:
Step 1: Go to Google Web Elements.
Step 2: Choose the product you want to have in your website.
Step 3: Customize the product according to your needs.
Step 4: Copy the give code and paste it to your desired page.

For example, YouTube News Element for which I have to just copy and paste the code in this page.

Note: Google elements are different from gadgets that are used in iGoogle. Gadgets can be created by Google or by other developers. Whereas elements are created by Google and only limited are present while there are numerous gadgets offering wide functionalities.

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