Harmful Typos of Google

Google is almost used by everyone. If you aren’t using Firefox or any Yahoo/Google toolbar then you are probably searching for anything via Google home page . Lets say, you were googling for answer. How many times have you mistyped the word Google in address bar? Almost all of us make this mistake.

This small typo can be seriously disastrous. Security analysts suspect Trojan Horse attacks by mistyped URLs. Googkle.com, Ghoogle.com Gooigle.com are some of the malware websites intended for hurried typists as letter ‘k’, ‘h’ and ‘i’ sits next to letters in google.(Don’t worry! OpenDNS can protect you.)

Learning from this, Google have also bought gooogle.com domain that is Google with an extra ‘o’ that redirects to Google home page. Although, four o’s i.e. goooogle.com will take you to obscene search website.

Similarly, if you happen to mistype certain Google domains, they redirect to other domains having advertising content or affiliate programs.

(They won’t work with OpenDNS since it corrects .cm to .com automatically)

By the way, (dot)cm belongs to Cameroon and (dot)pk belongs to Pakistan.

Google has wonderful spelling correction system, the ‘Did You Mean‘ feature which helps most of the times for our typos. Its funny from Google to display the number of misspelled ‘britney spears’ they have corrected in three months – http://www.google.com/jobs/britney.html

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Filed under Google. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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