Goosh: Google Web Search in UNIX Command Line Interface imitates Google on a UNIX shell. It means an interface of old and robust operating system UNIX combined with Google Search power.

The interface used is command line for all the search queries and even for results page. There are no hyperlinks, no images and not even a friendly search box.

All you get is a blank screen and a prompt to enter commands. This command prompt behaves as both search box and control button. For example, if you have entered matrix and pressed enter, you will be having Google search results for Matrix movie. To search, matrix in Wikipedia, you will have to enter wiki matrix in command prompt. Type h or help to get list of other available commands, like images to search for images only or lucky which acts like I’m feeling lucky button.

This Google command line tool is developed by Stefan Grothkopp and its source is available at Google code. Try out goosh for a different Google experience.

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Filed under Google. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on August 12, 2015.

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