“Who’s Down” – A New App to Hangout with Friends from Google

College life at times totally becomes boring when you have got nothing to do with. And the worst, your best buddies are busy and no one is replying to your text. Have a mood to chill out? Turn your boredom into something exciting with just one slide of your finger. Google launched its latest app “Who’s Down” with a motive to bring out you from cyberspace to meet space of your friends.


With this latest addition to its list of apps in Play Store, Google will help you find which of your friends are ready to hangout. Find out who are free, chat and make plans with them. With a quick to access toggle switch, your friends can see you are up to hangout with them. Include the status for what you are ‘down for’ e.g. chilling out, movies or even a booze filled night.

What are the Trending Features of ‘Who’s Down’?

• One slider to make you notify as free to hangout.
• Instantly know which friends are free.
• Start a chat and make plans.
• Chat within the app.
• Group chatting features also available.


One of the main character of the app is that it is an ‘invite only’ usage. Any of your friends need to invite you before you can register into this app. You can even request for an invitation within the app. You will need to enter your college or school for signing up, restricting the app to be used by college students only. However, it does not require you to sign up with your academic Email address on an .edu domain. Once you slide the switch, the app makes you available for three hours.

How’s it different from Apple’s Find My Friends app?

Even though at first it may seem as the app holds similarity to the Apple’s Find My Friends app and Foursquare’s Sworm app. But Google’s ‘Who’s Down’ tells you which of your friends are free as compared to Find My Friends which track your friends. It enables you to quickly group and spend time on events.

Google is not good with its social media efforts. By introducing ‘Who’s Down’ Google is achieving it with small social efforts. Only time will tell how this app outperforms similar apps.

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