Google to Use Drones for Providing Medical Assistance?

google new patent design

It was assumed that Google was interested in using drones to provide Internet access around the world, but the latest patent they have gotten suggests otherwise.

A new patent acquired by Google at 5th April is suggesting that the tech giant is looking to change the way drones are employed.

google new patent design

Google applied for a patent of a device that can call for a drone which will fly in with specific medical equipment. This device looks like old call boxes at public places. Google already have a patent on flying drones to medical emergencies with life-saving technology.

Drone design to fetch medial eqipment

If we look at this both patents together, then it looks very much possible that Google is looking to create drones which can be used in medical emergencies to get instant medical assistance.

According to Google such drones can save many lives by saving precious minutes in any emergency situation. In the patent document they quoted –

For example, if it takes 8-9 minutes for an EMS unit such as an ambulance or fire truck to arrive at the site of the emergency under normal circumstances, the first 60-120 seconds of that time may involve the dispatch (e.g., calling 9-1-1, speaking to an operator, etc.). A UAV, on the other hand can be dispatched with an example system without the human interaction required for typical 9-1-1 emergency response, and may be able to travel faster than a ground vehicle because it does not face traffic conditions and will have less distance to cover since it can travel “as the crow flies” verses following roads

If this news is true then it can change the way people look at the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs (also known as drones). Currently, most people only see them as a toy. But after this, they can be seen as one of the most important achievements in the health sector.

Via – Quartz

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