Google S2 – Share Stuff and also a Favicon Converter

Last time when I told you about Google talk hidden emoticons I was suspecting for more hidden stuff from Google. This might be true as Google has always some private projects. This time its about S2, either search version 2 or Shared Stuff.

ZDnet says s2 can be Google base, the nest generation product searching.

Have a try on this : Sign in into Google account and then navigate to It be could be Google Labs Profile. But the s2 suggests undocumented Shared stuff. This service lets you share interesting pages with your friends. A move against of Yahoo’s delicious after Microsoft’s IE. 

You need to drag the button to your web browser toolbar and click on it for sharing/emailing/bookmarking. Just like we do in delicious
Now, here’s a trick to convert favicon into (dot)png in real time. Google API will fetch and convert favicon for you by this link :
Replace blogger with any other website for whose favicon you are interested. So what’s the use?
Well, IE doesn’t show any favicons. You can display this image element next to a link. This could be a useful if you are designer, you get 32×32 PNG icon. Can also be used in comments i.e. to integrate favicon with name. And the best use can be done in blogroll. A favicon beside each website/blog link. Tell me if you got some other ideas to use it.

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It’s nice but it has a couple of problems.

It doesn’t always get the favicons, for example try:

Secondly, it returns the favicons with a white background, even if they were transparent.

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