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Nothing comes free in this world, even Google need to implement sponsored listings to get some of the most fantastic services free to you. Gmail was most criticized for reading our mails and showing us relevant advertisements wrapped over inbox.

Yesterday, I noticed very unusual ads in my Gmail inbox. All the three sponsored links belongs to Google new services. Google web browser- Chrome, Google Calender and Google Applications were being displayed on top and side of my mail. I wonder what Google expects from its fans? May be our digital lifes? To be single source of service? or To get involved in our daily routine?

google promotion

google promotion for chromegoogle promoting calender

have you tried apps

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Filed under Google. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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maybe you… talked about google? in your email? that could very well do it.

yep, there it is, in the subject. “google, gmail, google”

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