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Google India has a new competition mobilemoves for students. The theme is “Google products on the mobile”. The contestants have to register themselves online and upload their videos on the website before 10th December 2011.

mobile moves

In an attempt to promote Google mobile products, among Indian mobile users (about 86 million), the Big G is counting on user-generated videos and the contest, which is expected to go viral. Since they do not want any professionals winning away the prizes and to attract the youth of the country, they are accepting entries only from students. All student contestants have to make an ad film depicting how easy and helpful it is to use internet on the mobile using Google apps.

Interestingly, the deadline is so near yet the contest page is incomplete and there is no excitement about it over the internet. There are not enough details about awards or submission guidelines. However, from a trusted source we came to know that the video should ideally be –

#. Short video advertisement (30 sec – 1 min). The contestant is free to use any video camera and editing/sound setup.

#. It has to focus on at least one Google product on the mobile phone – Gmail, Google+, Google Search, Google Maps, You Tube, Google Talk and other Google Products.

#. It has to be simple, creative. (Think Google)

The winner will get a chance to become YouTube channel Star with their work showcased on the YouTube official channel followed by some other exciting goodies from Google. The YouTube channel is amongst the largest showcases for talent in the category for individuals across the world.

There is also some confusion about the contestants. The brief says

Google is giving enthusiastic young film students a tremendous opportunity to create a video and get famous…

however the submission form does not have any specifications about which students streams and their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is also blank. In fact, heir Terms of Service are irrelevant.

Previously also Google has employed power of passionate users to promote Google plus with their photography contest. Though they have 12th most subscribed video channel in India but uploads remain limited and video activity is low. It is interesting to see how much they will succeed this time with this contest.

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