Google is Sending Out Cool Gifts for Project Fi Users

It’s going to be Christmas soon and we cannot imagine holidays without gifts. While Santa is busy packing his backpack with gifts for this Christmas, his friend Google has already started out sending gifts to Project Fi users. For rest of us, Google has made Santa Tracker, a map-based tracker tool to track Santa’s journey along with mini games for kids.

Google is sending out Cool Gifts for Project Fi Users

Google arrives earlier than Santa every year

Google loves to take care of their customers – and what can be the best way to display this affection other than giving away free gifts? Every Christmas, Google comes up with cool surprises and gifts for its users and employees. While the employees gets latest gadgets and bonus increments, users get freebies. It also donates a lot to charity to spread love every Christmas.

Project Fi – Google First Step into Wireless Industry

Google’s own Project Fi is a virtual carrier of cellular calls. It is a wireless service that utilizes Wi-Fi and if necessary switches to cellular networks to deliver a fast and easy mobile phone network in the US. With Project Fi, you can use one number to chat and call across networks and devices. With low-cost calling and data access at 3G speeds without additional charges, the Project Fi aims to keep mobile phone bills low. You only pay for the data you use. The Fi Basic plan costs $20 per month. An additional $10 is charged for per GB of data.

This Google network is available for the latest Nexus 5X and 6P and Nexus 6 smartphones and is hosted by Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks. The coverage is supported in over 120+ countries, so you pay the same according to your usage everywhere.

Quirks of Project Fi

  • Automatically connects to best networks between Wi-Fi to 4G LTE
  • Your data is secured through encryption while connecting to open Wi-Fi hotspots
  • One rate for data around the world
  • Pay Back for unused data
  • One number to chat across different networks and devices
  • Calls transition between Wi-Fi and cell networks for stronger network

Who all are receiving Project Fi Gift from Google?

Project Fi gifts comes with the purchase of any of these products from Project Fi  – a Project Fi SIM kit, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Nexus 6. If you ordered the kit on or before November 8, activated the SIM by November 19, you are entitled to receive free gift. Any purchase made after November 9 may receive gifts till the supplies last.

What’s there Inside the Gift Box?

Project Fi Gift Box

Here’s your gift delivered at your doorstep.


Google’s symbolic clean design.


Cool Lego set in there. Let’s see what’s more there inside.

Opening the Gift Box

A new USB type-C to type-A cord inside the yellow package. The blue one with instructions to build a mobile stand or a cable organizer.


Guide to make the phone holder in steps.


Guide to make the cable organizer in steps.


Look closely to find how Fi is written on the blocks.


This is how the phone holder will look after construction.


Google Nexus 6P in the phone holder. Look how it stands there easily.


Turn around to see the rear view of your phone holder.


The phone looks amazing in this way. Look like its having its proper sleep.


The finished product with remaining parts.

And at last, a holiday card with the message; “Thanks for your support. Let’s build on this.”

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