Google India Labs Launches New Application – Google Noticeboard

Google Labs have always been known for the innovative tools from googler’s i.e young scientists of Google. These tools after regressive testing and feedback are later include in mainstream Google family such as Google Reader or Google Suggest. This time Google India Labs have come up with a new product called Google Noticeboard. Basically it’s an Add-on of Firefox 3 and requires Windows XP. Officially, Google Noticeboard is to share information over the internet using public digital Noticeboards.

Now, what is different in Google Noticeboards from public forums or Google groups? The primary distinguishing feature is its capability to inter-exchange voice messages along with text messages. Google Noticeboard has to be configured initially over the shared computers. This configuration is done by an operator, but later no operator intervention is required.

The voice and text messaged can be stored in computers hard-disk and can be used even if there is no internet connectivity. Since, it’s a public tool all you need is an email id. Even if you don’t have Noticeboard installed in your system, you can always listen to voice messages as email attachments.

Google Noticeboard can be a boon for societies, communities and groups that need to share information in fast and efficient manner. Information can be voice or text and will be delivered to members on time. So, we can expect that higher productivity can be delivered using this simple tool. Check out this tool at this official page.

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Filed under Google. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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