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result page in leet

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9009L3 1|\| |-|4><0R3R L4|\|9U493 – Can you depict this? The title is written in hacker’s tongue often called Leetspeak or Leetzorz. Leet (l33t,1337) is mainly used over the internet, which replaces most English characters by numerals or symbols. This language phenomenon is used by hackers primarily to distinguish themselves from noobs and also to encrypt their tricks. But nowadays it’s used for uniqueness over social networks.

result page in leet

Very creative of google to make their home page in hacker’s language.
You can access this wired google at . This is official google page in hacker’s code.

(with old logo)

The leet speak and their English translations are as follows:

  • normal search – n0rM4L s34rCh
  • Images – Im4635
  • Groups – 6r00pZ
  • directory – d1r3c70rY
  • Google search – Google s3|2ch
  • I am feeling lucky – EyE Am ph33|1n6 |u(ky
  • Advanced search – 4DV4NC3D 534RC|-|
  • Preferences -PR3F3REN(3Z
  • Language tools – L4|\|9U493 700L$
  • Its written hackor (H4x0r) below google logo.

When you search for something that does not exists, Google tells you-

j00|2 534|2(|-| – – c|1c| |\|07 |\/|4+(|-| 4|\|y c|0(V|\/|3|\|+5. 5|-|17!!!!


c0m3 0n D0od ch3ck y0ur 5p311i|\|g!
7ry diff3r3|\|7 k3y\/\/0rd3|\|
7ry |\/|0r3 g3|\|3r41 k3y\/\/0rd3|\|
7ry f3\/\/3r k3y\/\/0rd3|\|

Interestingly, there are other leet mirrors of google at:

Note :
1) You can convert normal text to leet speak or reverse from here.
2) Your Google home page depends on the country you live and may not be same as shown in this post.
3)You can get more official information from here.

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keep it up … nice info !!

Thanks for the timely info! Just let me warm up my DeLorean so I can educate the people of 1998 about the advent of leetspeak!

Leet or 1337 really isn’t hacker speak, honestly I hack, I hate it. In fact every hacker I know hates it. Weird isn’t it?

Not using proper sentence structure and spelling on the internet is just rude and annoying. It is non-unique and just plain obnoxious.

Indeed, all hackers worth their salt hate 1337 speak. Even script kiddies barely use this.

“Leet talk” is something gamers and lamers do, not hackers. Thanks though.

Not even true gamers use “leet”. It’s just degrading.

well, im actually surprised that they did this, even though i have heard about it before. and its not a language, its a dialect. a fascinating one, too. i like it personally.

and btw, h4x0r means “haxor(HACK-zoar)”, a term for the actual hack, not the hacker. most of the time.

Hi there,
Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

[email protected] n00b g3+ 0fF t3h 3nt3|2n3tZ

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