Google Flight Search in India

Google Flight Search in India

Google Flight Search is now available to Indian users though with limited features for now.

Google Flight Search in India

Google Flight Search promises to enhance ticketing booking process by visually representing the journey. According to our tests, flight searches are blazingly fast and it is significantly easier to plan for trips. India is already a high competitive market where international players like Expedia complete with local players like Yatra and MakeMyTrip. Google will definitely need to provide more user features in order to sustain for long term in the market.

What makes Google Flights different from its competitors?

  • It requires minimal amount of input from the user
  • Price predictions and faster searches
  • A large variety of route options are displayed within maps.
  • Additional information for city, flights and other meta is available in card interface
  • Synchronization with Google Now

However, for now, you cannot book the tickets directly with Google. The application redirects you to official airlines site for booking, essentially acting as information aggregator.

Google already has global information about cities, places to visits, restaurants, hotels as well as your personalized information from your mails and search history. Combining these two, Google Flights can act as a perfect trip planning tool.

They have even added “I’m Feeling Lucky” button for those wanderers, who just randomly plan trips.

Note that this is not the original application from Google, but the makeover of the ITA software that was acquired by Google in 2010.

Google Flight Search

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