Google Finds New Ways to Overtake Facebook

Undoubtedly, the competition between Google and Facebook has already got its history, with the most intense part being related to the appearance of G+. “G-Plus” social network has, in fact, been initially designed with a particular goal to conquer all rivals, and FB in the first place.

Yet, whereas G+ is still gaining momentum with the gradual increase of its audience and has much to do ahead to reach Facebook in its popularity among users, Google has managed to win in another aspect of competition – in its so to say “Employer Image”.

In particular, the recent research of GlassDoor, the service that conducts analysis of jobs and companies all around the world, shows that the overall impressions of Facebook employees about the enterprise are worse, than those of Google team members. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Mr. Zuckerberg offers horrible work conditions, but its major competitor has turned out better with 3.9 rating, leaving FB behind (3.7 rating).

According to GlassDoor report, the major criteria for evaluation of employees’ satisfaction with the company they are working for included the estimated approval of CEO’s work, provided meals, salary, duration of average working days, etc. In this respect, Google has beaten Facebook in almost every criterion, except for salary ratings, in which the companies are more or less equal.

Essentiality of the Matter

It’s not the first time that the large and globally popular companies with a great number of employees are estimated by third-party services. The reasons are obvious: both HR-specialists and psychologists prove the vital essentiality of healthy working atmosphere and the best possible working conditions in terms of one’s professional motivation and his/her desire to accomplish more. Here, the company’s positive “Employer Image” is, undoubtedly, one of the key factors, why it is selected by highly professional specialists most frequently.

The major benefits, which can be provided to employees in an IT company, comprise the high salary and the flexible working hours, for instance, which proves the fact that strict discipline isn’t always a key to success.

At the same time, as the research proves, the obvious drawbacks appear to include long working hours (9% of Facebook employees admit this). Again, it’s rather logical that the huge corporations, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or even 4shared file storage with 24/7 support services can’t but pay attention to optimizing the duration of working shifts.

To sum it up

All things considered, the results of GlassDoor research don’t mean that Google has won the whole competetion with Facebook, but they have proven the essentiality of constant improvement and development of any reputable IT company not only regarding the user experience, but the employees’ impressions as well.

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I think the new timeline interface of Facebook didn’t go well as expected. The battle is on and in the next few years we’ll see who wins the war )

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