5 Handy Tips for Excelling at Destinations on Google

Google’s new “Destinations” feature offers a hassle free solution when planning a trip by cleverly organizing location contents. Although Google tried to keep things simple, there are some things that users don’t utilize to their full potential. Here are some quick and handy tips to enhance your experience on Destinations.

#. Find best months to know the peak season

Destinations Best Months

There’s always a peak season no matter where are you planning to spend your vacations. It’s the best time to enjoy the place’s climate and culture. Destinations on Google, tells you which are the best months throughout the year for visiting a particular place. It even shows a tiny report that represents the period’s popularity among other travellers, temperature highs-lows and precipitation percentages. You can find this under the “When To visit” section, click “all months” for a detailed overview.

#. Make use of auto-generated itineraries to better organize your trips

Auto generated itineraries

Planning a route for your travel points can be tricky if you’re not aware of the place’s timings, rules, and other factors. Destinations on Google simplifies that by providing auto-generated itineraries so you don’t miss anything from the trip.

These plans are derived from users who have visited a place at some point in time before. However, some are results of intelligently written algorithms by Google itself. You will able to browse the whole timeline including details about the place, travel choices which range from trains to by foot and also how much time it took them to get there. Finally, you’ll see a map on top that concludes everything beneath it.

#. Plan your trips according to your interests

Google Destinations Tips

Once you perform a search, Google gives you with a comprehensive catalog of places but sometimes it can be tough to perceive the one you’re particularly looking for. To overcome that, there’s a small drop down present on top which lets you filter the results according to your interests like Adventure travel, Hiking, Nature and more.

#. Add keywords at the end of a query to get better outcomes

You can add keywords to perform specific activity searches, for instance if you’re looking for skiing destinations in Switzerland, you can type in “Switzerland destination skiing”. It will bring up skiing resorts, training camps and more.

Add Keywords to search

#. View travel guide videos before you visit a place

For a few locations as of now, Destinations also include a section for travel guides curated from YouTube. It’s a great way to get to know what’s it like to be in the place, get acquainted with the environment or if you just want to create an itinerary inspired from travel bloggers and journalists.

For now, Destinations is available only on mobile. We hope Google will soon bring this feature on desktop and integrate it better with Google Flights. For now, enjoy these Destinations tips.

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