Google Assistant Now Lets You Chat With eBay

Google Assistant is one of the most useful features of the Android operating system and the features it offers you are endless. You can get the answer to any question and also perform simple and helpful tasks like calling or texting someone, playing a song or even have fun with it by asking it to tell you a joke.

There are actually a lot of things Google Assistant is capable of which makes many of those go unnoticed. One such cool thing which is added recently to the Google Assistant is the ability to have a conversation directly with a chat bot of eBay.

Yes, you read that right. eBay, the e-commerce store is now available as a chat bot inside of Google assistant and you can access it while you are having a conversation with your assistant.

For example, if you want to know how much your old iPhone or your refrigerator may be worth of and assuming that you want to sell them at eBay, you can now use your Google assistant to get an estimate of the price of a product you specify.

How To Chat With The eBay Assistant

All you have to do is to launch your Google assistant by long pressing your home button on your Android smartphone or by opening the Google app on your iPhone and then type or speak these words “ask eBay”.

This will trigger the eBay chat bot that is associated with the Google Assistant and you will be greeted with the text, “I’m the world’s price guide. You can ask me what something is worth”.

Minimum RequirementIn order to see and chat with eBay bot, you must have Andoid 6.0 or later and latest version of Google Play Service i.e. 11.0.56

You can follow this response by specifying the name of a product and asking its worth.

For example, if you type or say iPhone worth, the bot will reply with a question whether it is an old or a new one and based on your reply it will give you the estimated price of the product.

This is a nifty trick which could be used whenever you want to buy some product online or just wondering how much will I get if I sell my old TV to just launch your assistant and quickly get the approximate price.

Similar to the Facebook Messenger, Google is expected to integrate a lot of bots into the Google assistant and Allo in the future to provide more such useful features. They gave high-level details in this year’s I/O Keynote but no plans were announced.

Be sure to check whether you can access the eBay bot on your Google assistant as it is slowly rolling out to everyone and let us know in the comments below.

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