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notifying right things at right time

If you are a Google Now user, you are definitely familiar with its power to create personalized rich information in the form of smart notifications and intelligent tips. Imagine the same power in your (or your team’s) hands for all your professional work. Think all that work, for which you would have needed a real assistant, done on its own using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Gluru is the new digital assistant which has the power to do just that.

notifying right things at right time

Gluru is a platform where all your files and contacts are available just when you need them. It indexes all of your online services and provides them exactly where you need. Added to that it has the ability to learn from the patterns of usage makes us believe it as a true Google Now alternative application.

Gluru is build up of three primary features. The first one is the Daily Digest which displays details regarding your meeting and important individuals with whom you may need to work with. When viewing a meeting or event, Gluru intelligently displays any documents (like spreadsheets or presentations) that you may need for that event or meeting.

Your day's schedule in one shot

The Second one is the Now feature which fetches all the necessary files and important contacts, you might need at the moment.

And the last one, a search field which allows you to search for specific documents across all of your connected platforms, and also shows other files which may be connected to this result, with the use of contextual information processing.

Gluru is currently available on android and the web, and it is expected to roll out for iOS soon. It can connect your Google account, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive and Box accounts. Other storage services are expected to be added too. Right now it is free for individuals, whereas the price for enterprises being worked out on per company basis.

Using Gluru is quite easy, all you have to do is sign in with your storage service accounts and the rest is done by Gluru. The more services you add, the better it performs.

On the critical side, it is still in the initial phase and has some drawbacks which make it more stupid than smart. For example, it still cannot distinguish between promotional mails and important mails. Well, that’s something it is supposed to be able to do. But for now let’s have our fingers crossed and expect it to deliver what it is anticipated to do.

Try Gluru here.

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