“Fun Fact” Easter Egg for Google Search

Google shows an interesting tid bit

Google has rolled out another easter egg, where if you search with “Fun Fact” or “I’m feeling curious” a trivia fact card is shown at the top of results. These interesting facts are completely random from websites around the world and you can keep on clicking “Ask Another Question” for more arbitrary facts.

Google shows an interesting tid bit

Over a last couple of months, Google is actively utilizing its knowledgebase to display upfront information. This new approach, called ‘Knowledge Graph‘, displays interactive cards before or aside search results. Though there are many factors affecting the displayed information, the simplest explanation is that if any information is shared across several authoritative sources, it is safe to present it upfront.

They extended the same concept to these easter eggs. From tons the information Google already has, they selected the ones with “interesting” attributes and showed them when you search for fun facts. From my research, Google picked up questions from quizzing and gaming sites and answers from trusted sources.

In this case Google is trying to display information rather asking users for information.

The Good part is that you will not only kill your boredom, but you will get to know things that you might not have known a moment ago. The dynamic answer box will have a brief of the curiosity fact and its details in the subsequent link.

Clicking on “Ask Another Question” will bring another interesting and cool curiosity buster fact. Don’t worry google has enough such facts to keep your curiosity challenged for long time.

These new easter eggs are perfect to kill the time and may be charge you up for next few tiring hours at your work place. Try searching fun fact/facts.

And if you are still bored, just hover over “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to view what Google has in store for you.

Differnt emotions from google

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