Google’s Free Power Searching Course Recommencing on Feb 8th

While Google search has become quite intelligent, however there are times we don’t find answers on what we were looking for. It could be because of the simple search query that fails to retrieve relevant results. One easy way is to improve your query and what could be a better way to learn search skills from Google itself.

Google has been offering free power searching courses for quite a few years now and their next batch will be commencing this year from February 8th.

power searching with Google

What does this Course offer?

The online course is dictated by Daniel Russell (Senior Research Scientist, Google) who helps you to upgrade your searching skills by solving complex search challenges.

The course involves learning how to make your searches more efficient using advanced techniques which focus on the use of operators, search shortcuts and more. There are six lessons each of 50 minutes and the course will run straight for two weeks that is from 8th of Feb to the 21st.

You will also be given some interactive assessments for practicing and there will be discussions with search experts where you can fire up your doubts. Upon successful passing the final stages, you will also be offered a Certificate of Completion.

How to register?

The registration is really simple. Google asks for your email ID and couple of questions before starting like “What’s your Goal?”, “Age” and other basic stuff. After that, you are all set to brush up your searching skills. Head over to the registration page to get started.

Daniel has also uploaded all the lectures from the previous batch, so you can watch to get an idea of what the course is going to offer.

The course is absolutely helpful and as it doesn’t cost a dime. You should give it a try. And of course Gtricks is always available to make most of Google.

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IS there a recording of the course? A lot of us will miss a course or two.

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