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google free poster

Google for educators is giving free posters as downloadable PDF’s. They can be found here.

Primarily targeted for the students, these PDF’s help them to gain better understanding of Google web search and its products like Google Earth. However, they are incredibly useful of anyone who wants to know improved ways of searching and using Google.

google free poster

Here you will find posters for
– Search tips
– Anatomy of search
– Google book search
– Google scholar
– Google quiz
– Google quiz answers
– Google earth
– Search tips for kids

Google for Educators is a special site for teacher community providing information and tools for teachers and students. According to Google –

At Google, we support teachers in their efforts to empower students and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. That’s why we’ve assembled the information and tools you’ll find on this site.

This can be considered as Google’s effort for community sustainability or it could be a clever marketing promotion for the next generation internet kids. Nonetheless, these are beautifully designed posters and available free for anyone. Download them, print them, learn, and show your love for Google.

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