Disable,Remove or Hide Chat from iGoogle

iGoogle chat is very annoying especially if you have Gmail chat open or running a separate Gtalk application because it shows duplicate chat messages. In addition, it takes lots of time to load and makes page slow. iGoogle makes a great home page, all information in a single place but chatting makes it messy and also it’s not what we want to do always. Removing or hiding GChat tab makes much sense since for chatting with Google friends, we have similar chat in Gmail or Orkut.

Let’s look at some of the ways to remove or hide iGoogle Chat:

Temporary Disable iGoogle Chat

To temporary stop iGoogle chat, you can hide your online status i.e. make it invisible or just sign out of Chat, if you want to get rid of it for the time being.

temporary disable-igoogle-chat

This is a temporary method because, once you sign in from Gtalk or Gmail chat, then you automatically get signed in into iGoogle chat.

Permanently Remove iGoogle Chat

igoogle settings igoogle chat options

To permanently remove iGoogle Chat feature, you need to disable it from settings page or from Chat options. Once you click and then save “Hide Chat”, it gets permanently disabled from your homepage.

Hide iGoogle Chat Tab

We have already written about removing iGoogle sidebar tabs and header to save space and customize tabs by Firefox add-on. Since, this add-on hides all tabs, it can also be used to hide iGoogle chat and by this way, you won’t notice any annoying messages.

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