How to Disable Google Query Dropdown Suggestions

Google suggest is a feature that recommends you keywords based on what you type in Search box. For example, when you type “y” in search box, Google assumes that you are searching for YouTube or Yahoo. As you type more alphabets, Google will suggest you some more queries in an effort to save users time, as we do not have to type whole search words.

Suggestions are very helpful because of several reasons like you skip spelling mistakes and minimize effort in typing long searches. Google suggestions are based on particular user’s history and other user’s behaviour all over the world and popular searched made during that time. However, some people do not prefer Google suggestions because sometimes they are embarrassing, annoying, it shows explicit results and many times user loses his focus from the original search to some more appealing content. For example: While searching for “windows seven”, Google suggests “Windows seven transformation pack” which is not legitimate, as shown by below picture.

gooole suggest

How to Disable Google suggestions Permanently:

1. Go to Google Preferences page or Search Settings.
2. In the “Query suggestions” section, select “Do not provide query suggestions”.
3. Now save your settings. You are done.

Note: Even if you are not logged in your google account, these settings will be saved for your computer.

How to turn off Google suggestions temporary:

Use this link – . Google will not show any annoying suggestions if you use above link.

Since, Google’s suggestions are also based on your previous searched, you can disable this feature by deleting all your web history. [link]

Recently, Google’s product search engine and Google News started to show suggestions when you start typing. This can be used to find popular and latest news of your interest.

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Now this is something I was looking for.. It used to embarrass me a lot when I tried searching on google. Try writing “How to ” In google.. Its was embarrasing for me in front of my family members. :) so beware.. :)

Hi Aery, This is Neeraj. Hope you remeber me.. Long tym .. how are you. Nice piece of info Dude.

The gyan Which I was Trying to find out in outside the world,I find in the Home itself, Gtricks Jai Ho…..

Thanks, you saved me much of embarrassment by turning off these google search suggestions.

More eva, my child will not find adult content now from thess suggesstions once you stop them.

Google has deleted the query option. Now you cannot turn it off. I hate query suggestion. It is trying to guess what you are looking for. It is so annoying.

Just use NOSCRIPT addon for that.

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