Directly Search From Context Menu with Different Search Engines In Firefox

Sachio Search is the Firefox add-on that lets you search for the selected word from the context menu of Firefox. Handy add-on to save time as you need not to copy text and paste it into Firefox toolbar search engine.

While surfing over the web, you might find some interesting phrase that you would like to know more about it. Generally, we copy the phrase or text and then paste it over Firefox toolbar search box. We also open a new tab so that search results are not over written on current tab. These three steps can be combined into single step with Sachio add-on. Though it’s a toolbar addon but can be used directly from context menu. The only limitation as now is that Schio is relatively new and hence its an experimental addon.

Advantages of using Sachio Search Firefox add-on:

  • You can Add, Remove or Change the order of search engines in context menu.
  • There are 50 search services present by default.
  • You can add your own search provider like eBay or Amazon.
  • You can customize this addon as per your needs. Like opening results in new page.
  • You can also add shortcuts to access different search engines.

firefox context menu options
How to use this Sachio add-on in Firefox?

Install the addon from Firefox directory. Now select the text you want to search. Right-click on it to get search options. Select the search engine to get results in new or same tab.

It’s a useful add-on for users to save time who frequently use search engines. Moreover, you need not to change the search engines as they can be directly selected from right click drop down menu.

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Hi Takashi,
Love the right click search.. exactly what I was looking for and much easier than adding xml file to the search plugins. Just one thing.. it would be perfect if it didn’t focus on the tab that opens or at least reflect the Firefox tabs option selected. As you lose the text you’ve selected when returning to the original tab and you cant search a few services in the background then click tabs as you wish.
Cheers, Good work, Robert

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