Delete Google Search history from Browser, Toolbar, Desktop – Everywhere

Delete all your searches that you have ever made on internet from everywhere to maintain your privacy and protect yourself from intruders. This simple tutorial will guide you to delete search history from internet browsers, Google Toolbar, Desktop Search and from Google servers.

Google stores your web history to suggest popular search words and display relevant ads. If you are working on public computer then, then it is necessary to delete your Google history for your own safety and to maintain your privacy. Following is the tutorial to delete all your history from virtually everywhere:

Delete Search History from Internet Browsers

Whenever you search for some topic, Google search box remembers your last searches and also displays other previous searches that you have made on pressing down arrow button. Generally, it’s your internet browser that stores this data. You can clear this data by browser options.

For Firefox, go to Tools > Clear Private data or Clear Recent History for Firefox 3.5+. To disable recording history permanently go to Options > Privacy tab and select never remember history.

For Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options. Under General tab, click on Delete from browsing history section to remove all your previous records.

For Google Chrome, Click on Tool icon on right side top and select Clear Browsing History or use shortcut [Ctrl + Shift + Delete].

Remove Search History from Google Toolbar

Click on the drop down box in Google toolbar. There at the bottom, you will find a link to clear history. Clicking on link will do the work.

Delete History from Google Desktop Search

Right click on Google desktop icon in the task bar and select Desktop Search. Go to Browse Timeline > Web History then click on Remove.
Alternatively, remove entire index from your computer by deleting all the files in the following folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search\[some alphanumeric code]

Delete Search History Form Google Servers

Read my previous post on How to remove Web History from Google Servers.

Delete History from Firefox Search Box

Right click on the search box in Firefox as shown in picture. Select Clear Search history to remove all previous entries. If you would like to remove only specific entries then click on search box and then press down arrow. Keep pressing it until you highlight desired entry to remove. Now press delete button to clear it. You can perform this action repeatedly to clear multiple search words.

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