Orkut Hack to Copy Friends Pictures from Photo Albums

orkut hacked picture
You must have noticed that Orkut have disabled right-clicking in album photos. This is a safety feature introduced by orkut team to help your privacy. So, now onward you can only view your friends picture, share your photos online but you cannot save them, not even your own pictures.

Are you desperate to save your near and dear one’s photographs on your computer? This small trick will let you bypass security feature and enable downloading of pictures on your hard-disk.

Follow these steps for any web browser :

Step 1 – Click on the thumbnail of the photograph you want to download.

Step 2 – Once you get the enlarged version of the photograph, click on it and drag to the address bar i.e. keep pressing left-click and move the arrow to the address bar(where you type www.orkut.com).

Step 3 – On releasing left-click, the address bar should now have link for image.

Step 4 – Now browser window consist of image only. Save it as you normally do.

This trick is for information purpose only. We do not encourage copying your best friend’s girlfriend picture on your computer.

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please remove this trick as it will destroy the very nature of orkut’s privacy policy !! pleaseeeeeeee

I think u should remove this trick—and instead orkut should make certain amendments so that one can copy pictures from his own profile only if required.

cool !
not only this trick but your website !

To coolchik :

Try to look from different viewpoint. Just like Album hack script, where you can view others loked albums was gone public and rectified by orkut , similarly this trick might bring some attention to google developer’s.

This is an amzing web site, in fact all weekend I keep searcing the internet for new stuff on Orkut, came across a lot of cool stuff, but your site rocks…. Long Live Orkut

fantastic man
thanx a lot

Open the photo>> Right click >> save Picture as.. I am wondering what is special in this trick

Very nice hack… thanks for sharing…


well guys u dont need to do this .. just drag and drop the pic and it is done……………….

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