Chrome Portable or Standalone ZIP – Use Chrome Without Installing

Many a times, you would like to use Chrome as a portable or standalone app without first installing it. Unfortunately, Google does not offer Chrome in a ZIP bundle but Chromium (Chrome’s open source brother) is available as bundled ZIP which can directly run without any installation .

Head over to Chromium Project’s Build page > Chose your platform > Select the Biggest Version Name > Download the ZIP > Extract it > Run chrome.exe

Chrome Zip Latest Build

With portable Chromium, you can –

#. Use it anywhere you want by carrying it on your USB stick.

#. Bypass access, download or installation restrictions

#. Use it without fiddling with windows registry or settings.

Chromium is almost similar with Chrome and the only noticeable difference is the logo color. This Chromium project page does a excellent job explaining the difference between itself and Chrome. Note that though both of them offer essentially same functionality, but Adobe Flash and PDF reader being third party plugins have to be installed separately in Chromium.

If you still prefer Chrome, then you can get the official MSI installer (requires installation) from here or here.

So far, Chrome has been notoriously known for its installation process. First, you have to download the installer from Google’s Chrome Site. Then the installer downloads different Chrome components from the web. Then finally, after downloading for few mins, your Chrome is ready to use. This may be a good strategy for home admin users as it is secure and you will have latest updates installed from Google directly. But for others, Chromium is the workaround solution without installing anything.

Chromium Portable ZIP – requires no Installation

Chrome’s Single MSI Installer

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