5 Geeky but Official Google Language Interfaces

Google homepage in Bork langauge

This is an old one but for those who don’t know, Google offers funny and geeky language interfaces just for the sake of enjoyment. According to Google; Bork, Elmer, Hacker, klingon and Pirate are actual languages that you can use and set as homepage. You can consider them as Easter eggs or funky terminology because they do not solve any purpose rather used only to amuse you.

Bork, bork, bork ! – The Muppets Language

Google Bork Search

Google homepage in muppets language
(with old logo)

Bork, bork, bork! is the language of Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show. [source]
The page says, “Google-a Seerch” and “Ee’m Feeleeng Loocky” for the standard buttons. If you try to search something that does not exist, it says:

Yuoor seerch – deed nut metch uny ducooments. Um gesh dee bork, bork!
• Meke-a soore-a ell vurds ere-a spelled currectly. Bork bork bork!
• Try deefffferent keyvurds. Um gesh dee bork, bork!
• Try mure-a generel keyvurds. Um gesh dee bork, bork!
• Try fooer keyvurds. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

Damn funny, isn’t it? (try here)

The Elmer Fudd Interface

Google Elmer Search

search page with elmer fudd language
( with old logo)

Elmer Fudd is a famous cartoon character from Looney Tunes or Bugs Bunny show.[source] This interface changes all the L’s and R’s to W’s. Hitting empty “I’m Feewing Wucky” button says:

De “I’m Feewing WuckyTM” button automaticawwy takes you to the fiwst web page wetuwned fow youw qwewy.
An “I’m Feewing Wucky” seawch means wess time seawching fow web pages and mowe time wooking at them.
Feewin’ wucky? Enter a search and twy it out!

Google Hacker – with Leet Language

Google Hacker Search

the leet language on google
( with old logo)

Leet is the language of hackers made up from ASCII characters and numbers. Some of the leet speak and their English translations are:

normal search – n0rM4L s34rCh
I am feeling lucky – EyE Am ph33|1n6 |u(ky

result page in leet

More on Google Hacker here.

Interestingly, there is official mirror at http://600673.com/ that is Google written in leet.

Klingon – For Star Trek Fans

Google Klingon Search

Star trek klingon

( with old logo)

Klingon is language of fictional klingons race in the popular TV series Star Trek.[source] It’s very cool of Google to create such dedicated page for ST fans. The Google search is GoogleDaq ylnej and I’m feeling lucky is jlSuDrup. Gosh, how did they come to this tranlation?

Pirate – Aye Mate, Lets have a Ruckas

Google Klingon Search

aye aye pirate

( with old logo )

Do you love the pirate language? Google loves it too. That is why there is an option for Pirate speech in its language selection tool. If something couldn’t be found in search, it says:

Yer treasure map – didn’t lead t’ any loot.
Google home page is no Google Home Port and About Google is Who be this Google.

Bonus: The Pig Latin Hidden Language

Though there is no official announcement on Pig Latin and even language tool does not display it but there is a hidden page built for Pig Latin fans. The language is framed by altering the alphabets of English words.

Is pig latin really a language?

Go to this page and try to understand or better decrypt the text.

Change your Google language settings and enjoy these fun languages.

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I was one of the people who worked on the Google translation (it was all done by Klingon language students, Google just provided the translation interface). I think about 5 Klingon speakers from around the world did most of the translations, while a few others have helped here and there.

You asked in your post about the translations of “Search Google” and “I’m feeling lucky”.

GoogleDaq yInej means Search in Google!
Google = Google
-Daq = in/at/on
yI- = Imperative you do something to it (or nothing) (Note the second letter is a capital i not a lower case L)
nej = to search

jISuDrup means I am ready to take a chance
jI- = I (note the second letter is a capital i not a lower case L)
SuD = to take (a chance)
-rup = ready, prepared (beings only)

quite funny :) thanks for sharing.

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