Best Reverse Image Search Engines Besides Google

Google Image Search has become a de facto standard for image searching just like Google for web search. It indexes images from the open web based on their file name, alternative text, link text pointing to the image and text that is adjacent to the image. It also extracts meta data like date, color, size and EXIF information from these images. Thus, making a comprehensive library and delivering the most accurate results. In 2011, Google introduced reverse image search in order to make their engine more useful. You can simply upload, or drag-and-drop, or right click and select search on the image (only in Chrome) to perform an reverse image search which gives you sites that have similar images with different size and resolutions.

Reverse searching has really helped in discovering more details for any image. You can also use reverse image search to track down any of your image if it is being used anywhere on the web. For most of us, Google is adequate for reverse image search. However, if you are looking for powerful advance options then we have analysed few other reverse engines.

Best Online Reverse Searching for Images

We ourselves tried out few reverse image search engines to check whether they outperform Google and what additional features they provide. Find out which one works best for you from their review.

  1. TinEye

TInEye Reverse Image search

With its powerful image recognition algorithm, TinEye provides the best customized image search solution, in fact better than Google. It is also the first image search engine to use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks. Its Match Engine finds duplicate and modified copies of your images.

TinEye not only finds similar image but also the images which have been cropped, edited or resized. The best feature we liked was to sort the image results by biggest image which gives us the highest size image of searched one. You can install its chrome extension and use it by right clicking on any image.

  1. Image Raider

Though a little slow with image processing, Image Raider gives you a comprehensive listing of all the links and websites with the searched image. The feature we liked was to reverse search image from mobile browser, as uploading image from mobile is not present in Google Image search. You can also select multiple images to be searched together but we found results not that satisfactory. It also provides multiple options to input images. Add images from XML sitemap or enter the URL of the page and it will fetch you all the images in the URL.

  1. iqdb

iqdb is a anime specific multi-service image search provider. The website has a simple to use interface with a list of pre-assigned images search categories based on anime. The image search is only based on these categories i.e. it can only search for anime images.

  1. RevIMG


RevIMG searches from uploaded image and returns result as list of links to web pages where the image or similar ones are contained. Its best feature is to search by cropping the section of the image which you upload. It also has a list of categories to search images which includes flags, coins symbols and many more. But this limits the search results to these categories only.

  1. PicTriev


PicTriev is best suited to search faces on the web. You can search for celebrity look-alike from all over the web. It detects the face of the image and tell whether the person is male or female. It also predicts the age of the person. Spend some fun time here.

  1. Stolencamerafinder

Stolencamerafinder is specifically for searching images from lost or stolen cameras. It searches the web for the serial numbers embedded in JPEGs and finds resulting matches. Each photo clicked by a camera contains a hidden unique serial number that identifies the camera. By dropping an image, the site identifies the number and searches the web for photos containing the same number.

  1. Karma Decay

Karma Decay is the reverse image search of Reddit. It serves as a powerful tool letting users to search against an index of images posted on the social news site. You can expect accurate informational results for comics, memes and viral images. Upload your image or copy the URL and it will find similar images with their links on when and where it appeared first on Reddit.

Other reverse image search engines

Macroglossa is a comparison based search engine that helps in identifying what the image is related to. But it only searches and identifies specific categories like animals, biological, botanical etc.

ImageBrief is for photographers and creative audience. It searches for original first copies of images clicked by photographers.


Reverse image search can be very useful to know more about images or to track websites with the same images. After testing out every website, we found that TinEye and Image Raider stands out in the list with their special features. TinEye’s extension is very useful to find the original, high resolution images. Image Raider saves a lot of time by searching multiple images at the same time.

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