Automatically Load Next Google Search Results Page

Auto scroll next page in Google

Whenever you find yourself running a Google search, typically you’re inclined to look for your results in the first page. However, sometimes you will find that most of the first page is filled with similar information – only from different sites and you aren’t actually getting what you’re looking for.

However, sometimes the second or third page contains very different results with unique stories from smaller blogs and personal sites. Unfortunately, many people don’t even bother to look into the these secondary result pages that might contain more valuable and richer insights.

For example, when searching for news and past incidents, the first few results are always factual. But for deeper investigation and research you must look at second result page.

Auto scroll next page in Google

Google search still employs old pagination technique where you have to click to view second results page even when auto-loading has become mature enough to be used in general sites. But we can automatic load next Google results search page with the help of few extensions:

#1. Autopagerize

Infinite scroll

As its name suggests, it automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites like Google, Yahoo, Amazon etc. This extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. For people who aren’t using Chrome, run this one. If you’re a Chrome user, however, consider trying the next one.

#2. AutoPatchWork

This one is developed primarily for Chrome but it also offers Safari and Opera support. It is derivative of Autopagerize, and both functions very similarly to each other.

#3. AutoPager

This one is exclusively for Firefox users. It serves the similar function of auto loading the next search results pages.

Warning: If you retype your query in Google search box, these extensions will skip next page because of the way Google loads dynamic results. It is advised to start fresh search query to correctly load next results page.

These extensions exist to serve similar purposes- that is, to facilitate endless scrolling on content that would normally be divided across multiple web pages. In that, most of their functioning is near-identical! In my testing, I couldn’t find a significant functional difference in these extensions, so each of it will work fine.

Eventually, Google is likely to implement infinite scrolling in their searches. Until that happens, however, you’ll need to use these above tools. Fortunately for you, these extensions work for more than just Google searches. Once you start using auto-load infinite scroll, I bet you can never go back.

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